AgurupaEjido’s leadership in the commercialisation of fruit and vegetables in Almeria is a result of the combined efforts of a team that focuses its work on offering the best services to clients.

Our services are based on a quality commitment from AgrupaEjido. They are the result of working with the region’s best farmers and their products. All of this makes us capable of offering a wider and more exclusive range of solutions, which ease the work of both distributors and providers.

Personalised servicesPersonalised services

Our commercial team offers personal solutions and advice in order to quickly and efficiently deal with the specific needs of each client.

Wide variety and quantity of productsWide variety and quantity of products

By working with the best and largest number of farmers in Almeria, we are able to offer a wide range of variety and a large quantity of maximum quality products.

Quick and punctual deliveriesQuick and punctual deliveries

Because we own our own handling and sales centres, all processes are a lot easier. This therefore guarantees speed, punctuality and ease in the delivery of our products.

Great capacity for commercialisationGreat capacity for commercialisation

Only high quality products that are recognised by their taste, freshness and excellence will satisfy the final client. In AgrupaEjido, we undertake strict controls in which all aspects of our products are analysed (colour, size, shape, taste etc) in order to obtain the highest market prices.

Supply guaranteeSupply guarantee

The supply guarantee of our products, for both quantity and quality, is essential for a leading company like AgrupaEjido. By owning various sales centres throughout the region and working with the best staff and farmers, our commitment to our clients is made a lot easier.

Quality certificatesQuality certificates

For AgrupaEjido quality is the key factor within our business. Only the best will do for us. We have specialised technical departments to offer maximum product quality guarantees. This quality is seen in the multiple certificates we have obtained and endorses the result of our work and the nature of our products.

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