AE Campaign Assessment Autumn / Winter

The horticultural campaign that takes place in Almeria is facing its final stages. The focus has been on crops such as melon and watermelon, the protagonists seen every spring. The cold weather and rainfall witnessed this year have been the cause of the delay that these crops have suffered. The bad weather has also been responsible for a price increase that began in January.
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The figures recorded by AgrupaEjido up to the month of April, reflect a total marketed volume of 128.000 tonnes of fresh fruit and vege. Peppers continue to be the star product with a total of 39 million kilos sold, followed by cucumbers and courgettes with 31.000 and 26.000 respectively. Completing the sales figures are tomatoes (11.500 tonnes), aubergines (10.000 tonnes), and green beans (1.300 tonnes), this doesn’t the final figures from melons and watermelons. The prevision marks an objective to reach a figure of 160 million kilos by the end of the campaign.

The total marketed value has exceeded 85 million euros, a quantity which has increased to 99 million if we consider the added value provided by the packaging and transport lines. Peppers accumulate sales to a value of 35 million euros. The finest hour for this product was seen between March and April with 11 million kilos sold for a value of 17 million euros. The average price in these months has exceeded 1.50 euros per kilogram.

The average prices throughout the entire season have oscillated between 1.35 euros for green beans and 0.51 euros for cucumber. Peppers have finished the season with a price of 0.87 euros and the courgette at 0.67 euros.

AgrupaEjido would like to thank the hard work and effort of its farmers for producing high quality fruit and vege day after day. The group’s Chairman, Cecilio Guillén stated; “during difficult times like these for the horticulture sector and for the whole eurozone economy, its essential to value the commitment and professionalism of the workers from Almeria’s ryside”. Agriculture continues to be the driving force of the province and a key piece in providing a balance within our autonomous community.

In January the president of AE reinforced management within the incorporation by appointing a new directive team. It will be responsible of adapting the framework to deal with the necessary changes and will seek to make the most of the current situation in order to strengthen its position. This will be possible by supporting its strategy in three stands: through the innovation in products that support Certification; the innovation in services, leading eco-efficient agriculture; and the application of new technologies to the land. However, through the reinforcement of its technical department and a series of initiatives that will come to light over the next few months, AE hasn’t lost its commitment from farmers.
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